Steve Chandler

Steve Chandler, Creator of BudBot and ReleaseGENIUS.

Crafted for the Industry – BudBot was invented and commercialized by creator and engineer, Steve Chandler.  BudBot is specifically designed for the Cannabis industry, no reapplication or force fitting of inappropriate machinery.  The result is a simple, elegant and very productive packaging machine that will integrate into business processes, save significant money by reducing package overfill and labor.  One of the primary goals was also to design in the careful handling of such a fragile product to achieve the highest level of trichome retention and product efficacy compared to other automation.

25 years experience to support you – Steve Chandler, Founder, 25-year career inventing and engineering manufacturing process for five fortune 500 companies developing and commercializing over 200 successful products.

Stands behind product – Customers will benefit from Steve’s 25 yrs of process/packaging engineering experience, will stand behind the workmanship of the product.  BudBot is committed to supporting the customer after the sale is made.

Delivers Products to Increase Profitability – Steve commits to increasing your companies bottom line through the effective integration of this outstanding packaging solution into your process.

Product Warranty and Service Plan


  • 100% product warranty (exclusions apply)
  • 1 year and includes parts and labor

Service – BudBot Service Plan (BSF):

  • Expert service plans available