Is there financing available?

Yes – BudBot’s relationship with a private equity firm will help you acquire financing

Is there a warranty?

Yes. 12 months. See our Service and Warranty page.

How long does it take to train someone to run BudBot?

Operators can learn in 10 minutes how to run the machine. BudBot includes 2 days of training for larger workforces.

Can I track operator and machine performance?

Yes- Performance reporting is included as part of the features.  Operator efficiency and cannabis strain characteristics data can be retained and reviewed to improve business performance overall.

What utilities are needed?

220V and 110V

Can automated packaging options be adapted to BudBot?

Yes, auto bagmakers, cannisters and jar systems can be integrated.

How many bags per hour can the machine generate?

150bag/hr on average

Why is accuracy important?

Accuracy minimizes costly package overfilling.  Each 1% of overfill eliminated generates $1362 (at $3/gram) for every 100 lbs processed.  Giveaway or overfill in 1, 2 and 3.5-gram packages is much more prominent than large packages on a percentage basis.

What makes BudBot unique?

BudBot has Smart-Sort; a patent-pending weighing, sorting and combining system which enables operators to load flower without presorting.

Is presorting required?

No, operator takes flower directly from trimmer and loads buds into BudBot.

What about cleaning?

Operator at end of shift blows off the table with compressed air.  Due to minimal parts, it takes minimal time to wipe down the surfaces.

How much space is required?

Approximately 70 sqft

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