Reduce Overfill

Save up to $11,000 per 100 lbs. packaged per month by reducing overfill and labor. Use BudBot’s proprietary Smart Sort™ system to maximize cannabis yield by optimally sorting and combining flower to achieve target package weight.

Lower Labor Costs

Increase labor productivity upto 200% by shifting your manual method of weighing, sorting and combining flower to a precision-designed, automated system.

Preserve THC Level

BudBot’s gentle, automated process of delivering fragile flower minimizes trichome fall off,  delivering highest level of THC to your customers.


Reduce your dependency on manual labor for weighing and sorting cannabis. Replace manual labor with a robotic packaging system that accurately sorts and combines flower to maximize cannabis yield.


BudBot is designed specifically to weigh and sort cannabis flower into 1, 2 & 3.5 gram packages.  BudBot integrates with manual or automated packaging systems.

  • Reduces Labor Costs – 200% increases in productivity seen on average
  • Maximize Yield – Guaranteed maximum packages from cannabis lots
  • Accurate – Optimally sort and combine flower with 0.05-gram accuracy to achieve target weight
  • Grow Profits – Reduce giveaway and labor costs and increase profitability
  • Hit minimum target package weights – Lowest amount of giveaway achieved
  • Install Easily – Only requires 70 sqft and power
  • Quick Training – Included is operator and maintenance training.
  • Clean and Maintain Easily – Contact surfaces are high-grade stainless steel and parts are minimal, reducing the potential for costly breakdowns
  • Create peace of mind – Take comfort in a 100% 12-month warranty (exclusions apply)

About Us

Steve Chandler

BudBot was invented and commercialized by creator and engineer, Steve Chandler. BudBot is specifically designed for the Cannabis industry, no reapplication or force fitting machinery from other industries.

The result is a simple, elegant and very productive packaging machine that will integrate into business processes, save significant money by reducing package overfill and reducing labor.

One of the primary goals was also to design in the careful handling of such a fragile product to achieve the highest level of trichome retention and product efficacy compared to other automation.

  • About the Technology

    Crafted for Cannabis – Flower is highly valuable and fragile. Priority one in design was to accurately deliver lowest average, but just above printed bag weight. Then handle the flower with the same care and finesse as those who came before in the business.

  • Engineered for Precision

    Accuracy and labor reduction were the fundamental guiding principles behind the design of BudBot. Accurate weighing, sorting and combining reduces giveaway and increases customer  profitability.

  • Lightning Fast

    Blinding robotic speed with pin point repeatable activity is perfect for this industry and job.

  • Reliably Safe

    Industries all over the world are integrating robotics into human managed processes.  Safety is mandatory, accurate and reliable perimeter safety system prioritizes operator convenience and reduction of their activities.  BudBot is built to work in conjunction with your operator.


Trevor Steinthal

“BudBot delivers accurate package weights quickly and efficiently”

Trevor SteinthalPresident of Suncliff
Trevor Steinthal

“Time is money. Suncliff’s current process uses manpower, taking time to swap out elements until it reaches a target weight. BudBot saves us money.”

Trevor SteinthalPresident of SunCliff
Justin Sund

“What I like about BudBot is that I still get to do spot checks…it’s built for one to two grams, two grams is absolutely perfect.”

Justin SundSuncliff Operations Manager